If you are looking for some entertainment without having to go out or switch on your TV, look no further than the next online casino. At http://www.e-welcomeback.org/ we show you some key points about online casinos. But we also try to let you know about some of the things you need to pay a lot of attention to. It is very important to remain concentrated and not to fall for any mean tricks or even traps while you are gambling on the internet.


The same as land-based casinos - almost

Surely you will have seen one or the other movie where the action happens in a casino. James Bond is a character known to play a game of baccarat and Ocean's Eleven is an absolute classic, where the gang beats the casino to the money, but in a wholly different way. Here we try to show you why online casinos are just as attractive as the land-based casinos you would have seen in such movies. But be careful whenever you play online!

With new casino websites appearing almost day by day, the market is still growing rapidly. Some operators try to keep up with the speed of the market by not updating their existing sites any longer. Instead, they open new pages with tailored content for today's gamblers and also often tailored towards customers from certrain regions or countries. People are keen to have a gamble all around the globe. But some prefer slightly different types of pokies and table games than others.

  • New casinos appear every day
  • The market is very dynamic

This dynamic on the market is an advantage for you as a player. You are spoilt with choices. Now it is down to you to find the right casino to start with. Or you bring some experience already, so you might be looking for alternatives. Playing in just one casino may really become boring at some point. Add to that that for signing up in a new casino you may actually receive a tasty bonus that you can use to make inroads for free.

How to split good from bad casinos

With all the excitement about the rich choice of new and old casinos, there are some things to pay attention to as well. Make sure your casino is properly licenced for example. A licence is always a proof of a serious business, where as a casino that does not show a licence in public may actually have a lot to hide. We assume that gambling in a casino without a licence is not really attractive, because you can only really lose in this situation.

Good casinos offer you a broad selection of games from all genres. Pokies or slots are there in large numbers, but the choice among the table games is very good too. Classics like roulette or blackjack can be found in every good casino - and in several versions as well. The icing on the cake is usually a great live casino, where you can play table games with live dealers. Things online do not get any closer to a real casino than this.